Friday 19 - Sunday 21 October 2007

(Public Talk 18 October at 7pm)


Retreat with Geshe Phende

Tibetan Buddhist Monk




“You should understand the significance of this instruction,

as like a diamond, the sun, and a medicinal tree.

This time of the five degenerations will then be

transformed into the path to the fully awakened state.”


This retreat will be based on a classic mind training text by Geshe Chekawa. These instructions for mind training are valuable like a diamond, powerful like the sun for eliminating darkness, and healing like a medicinal tree. Just as a diamond is able to dispel poverty, similarly knowing this teaching on mind training, dispels the poverty of cyclic existence. Just as the sun eliminates darkness, these instructions for training in the awakening mind eliminate the darkness of the mind caused by the self-centered attitude that is based on ignorance. The teachings on mind training are like medicine in that they uproot the chronic disease of the negative emotions and serve as remedy for all disturbing ailments. If we enter the gateway of this practice, we will learn how to transform difficult situations and adverse circumstances into the Path to Enlightenment. The teaching provides the power to defeat all adversaries and overcome all obstacles on the path. Unfavourable conditions, whether external or internal, will neither cause misery or upset the mind, but will be transformed into factors conducive to happiness.


GESHE PHENDE ordained as a Buddhist monk at the age of 12 years. He studied Buddhism at monasteries in Nepal and India, and obtained the prestigious Geshe Degree (Doctorate of Buddhist Philosophy) after 18 years of monastic study, training and practice. Thereafter he went to Tantric College to further study the (secret) higher Buddhist teachings. Geshe-la is presently resident teacher at the LAM RIM Buddhist Centres in Johannesburg and Durban. We are privileged to host such a highly qualified teacher. His understanding of advanced Buddhist philosophy is unsurpassed, and he conveys this knowledge with great warmth, friendliness and so much positive energy.




Retreats commence on Friday evening and finish on Sunday afternoon. They may be attended on a residential or non-residential basis. The daily programme includes inspiring and illuminating Dharma teachings, sitting and walking meditation with instruction and guidance, space for questions, sharings and practical exercises, as well as Chi gong sessions. The schedule varies according to the specific needs of each retreat. Periods of noble silence are observed.



Evening session from 19h00 - 21h00 



Daily programme 09h00 - 16h00

including tea and lunch breaks 

Evening session from 19h00 - 21h00



Daily programme 09h00 - 16h00

including tea and lunch breaks




RESIDENTIAL: Price includes 2 nights shared accommodation in lovely garden cottages and delicious vegetarian meals. Dana (you decide amount) for teachers is appreciated.

Residential: R650


NON-RESIDENTIAL: Price excludes accommodation, but includes tea and vegetarian lunches. Dana (you decide amount) for teachers is appreciated. 

Non-residential: R400


Deposit of 50% is payable upon reservation of place for residential retreats, and balance payable in cash or cheque upon arrival. Deposit to be paid into bank account, details of which will be provided. If booking is cancelled, deposit is forfeited.


Plettenberg Bay is a popular holiday destination. It is possible to come early and/or stay after the retreat. Special rates for retreatants participating in our conducted retreats, who wish to stay longer in our self-catering cottages, are R200 per cottage per night.




SCA is a non-smoking space. Retreatants to uphold the 5 Buddhist Precepts (see Code of Conduct). We hope you can join us on the retreat. You don’t have to be a Buddhist, because anyone can benefit from the Buddha’s teachings. Number of places limited, so early booking is advisable: phone (044) 533 0453 or email for further enquiries and bookings.


J SAT CHIT ANAND namaste to you Buddha-to-be! 

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