Weekend Retreat: 19 & 20 July


All beings want happiness and don’t want suffering. Yet we constantly create the causes for suffering in our lives. This is because we don’t understand the true causes of happiness, that are cultivated within and do not depend on outer circumstances. Happiness is not an emotion but a skill that can be learnt. Genuine happiness comes from an exceptionally healthy mind that pervades all our experience. At its heart, Buddhism is very practical. It's about doing things that foster serenity, happiness and confidence, and avoiding things that provoke anxiety, hopelessness and fear. Learn how to stop creating suffering, and how to start creating the causes and conditions for happiness and well-being. Cultivate positive attributes and connect with your basic goodness and happiness.


A meditative approach to the Four Noble Truths: the Buddha’s profound teaching on the Path to freedom from suffering. By understanding the mechanism of suffering within our own minds, we can begin to free ourselves from it, thereby cultivating genuine inner happiness.


With Dharma teachings and meditation exercises to help you let go of suffering, and connect with your inner nobleness. Includes tips from some of the world’s experts in happiness including Matthieu Ricard, Pema Chodron, and Mingyur Rinpoche.


The knowledge, love and compassion of the sage don’t just appear out of nowhere, like a flower blooming in the clear blue sky. As Aristotle said: “It would not be fitting to leave the greatest and noblest of all things to chance”.


1. Recognize suffering

2. Eliminate its source

3. End it

4. By practicing the path.


Semi-silent retreat with Leela Verity, SCA founder and Director

Residential: R950 including 2 nights shared accommodation in garden cottages

and delicious vegetarian meals * Single room: R1 250 * Non-residential: R550

Starts Friday 6pm - Sunday 4pm 


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