Here is the Pure Land; the Pure Land is here.

I smile in mindfulness, and dwell in the present moment.

The Buddha is seen in an autumn leaf; the Dharma in a floating cloud,

The Sangha body is everywhere; my true home is right here.

Breathing in, flowers are blooming,

Breathing out, I am aware that bamboos are swaying,

My mind is free and I enjoy every moment.


We are in the process of purchasing a farm midway between Plettenberg Bay and Knysna, with the vision of establishing a retreat centre in the country. The land is 14 hectares of natural vegetation and fynbos, overlooking green pastures with distant mountain views. It is located in a peaceful and safe area, close to indigenous State forest.

Our vision for the new property is to establish a Spiritual Retreat Centre. The purpose of such a centre is for people to retreat from worldly concerns in order to connect with themselves. Time is spent in meditation, contemplation and reflection, and a quiet environment in the midst of nature is conducive for this purpose. The centre will offer meditation retreats for people who wish to learn techniques to de-stress and cultivate peace of mind. The centre will also offer courses on Buddhist philosophy and will be a place to practice living in harmony with oneself, others and nature. 


Buddhism is more than theory or belief - it is a way of life, and practice lies at the heart of all the teachings. The enlightened way of living taught by the Buddha can be practiced by anyone, no matter what your religious beliefs. It is by practicing the teachings that the real miracles of salvation, transformation and healing take place. The Buddha taught many practice techniques, which we will share with you, and we will all practice the techniques together. 

Our vision is to show people that there is a better way to live: fully conscious in each moment, relaxed, peaceful, and harmonious. Guests will be invited to learn THE ART OF MINDFUL LIVING, finding happiness in the simple pleasures of life, which are abundant and freely available, if you are available to them. Stop chasing happiness in the future, and learn how to find happiness in the here and now. Conditions for your happiness are always available in the present moment. The MIRACLE OF MINDFULNESS teaches you to be present to the unfolding of life in each moment, so that you donít miss your appointment with life. The wonders of life are all around you. The Pure Land is here. With mindful breathing, walking, and living we can enter the Pure Land of the Buddha / the Kingdom of God.  





The cosmos is filled with precious gems.

I want to offer a handful of them to you this morning.

Each moment you are alive is a gem,

shining through and containing earth and sky,

water and clouds.


It needs you to breathe gently

for the miracles to be displayed.

Suddenly you hear the birds singing,

the pines chanting,

see the flowers blooming,

the blue sky, the white clouds,

the smile and the marvellous look

of your beloved.


You, the richest person on Earth,

who have been going around begging for a living,

stop being the destitute child.

Come back and claim your heritage.

We should enjoy our happiness

and offer it to everyone.

Cherish this very moment.

Let go of the stream of dis-stress

and embrace life fully in your arms.

Pure Land Floral Kingdom