16 January 2011: Talk and Slide Show Presentation on my Trip to India


30 January 2011: When the Ego is Crucified


06 February 2011: Blessed Are They Who Come in the Name of the Divine


13 February 2011: Self-Knowledge is Knowing your True Nature


Published in Clear Sight: Sharing Spiritual Awakening April 2011


20 February 2011: You will Know the Truth, and the Truth will Make You Free


Published in Yoga Awakening Africa March 2011


27 February 2011: The Responsibility to Change your Mind Rests on You


06 March 2011: Whatever is Changeful in this Ephemeral World


13 March 2011: He who will Lose his Life, will Save it


20 March 2011: O God, You are my God, for You I Long


27 March 2011: Oneness, the Heart of the World


Published in Yoga Awakening Africa April 2011


03 April 2011: The Divine Mystery is a Mystery of Love


Published in Yoga Awakening Africa May 2011


10 April 2011: Stages of Spiritual Evolution


17 April 2011: Stages of Spiritual Evolution: Individual to Collective


24 April 2011: Stages of Spiritual Evolution: Universal to Divine


Published in Knysna-Plett Herald August 2011


01 May 2011: Christ and Buddha Icon


08 May 2011: Trinity Icon, the Divine Dance of Love


15 May 2011: Mother Mary


22 May 2011: Personal Catholic Confirmation


29 May 2011: Gifts of the Spirit


05 June 2011 7 Spiritual Laws of Success


12 June 2011 Come Holy Spirit


19 June 2011 Trinity Sunday


26 June 2011 Blessed are the Pure of Heart Mind


03 July 2011 Finding the Incarnated One


Published in Yoga Awakening Africa September 2011


10 July 2011 Walking the Camino


Published in Yoga Awakening Africa August 2011


17 July 2011 The River of God


24 July 2011 Heart Shrine Relics

31 July 2011 Subdue your Mind

07 August 2011 Peace Meditation

14 August 2011 Precious Human Life

28 August 2011 Prayer and Meditation

August 2011: Heart Shrine Relics Tour Article

03 September 2011 Talk, Zen Returning to our Original Nature


10 September 2011 Zen Returning to our Original Nature

18 September 2011 The Transformational Present

25 September 2011 Eternal Everlasting Love


02 October 2011 Knowing and Not Knowing

09 October 2011 Wise Words


16 October 2011 I Am

23 October 2011 Diwali Festival of Lights

30 October 2011 Spiritual Friendship


06 November 2011 Honor the Cosmic Moment

13 November 2011 Wisdom is a Reflection of Eternal Light

20 November 2011 In the Hands of God

27 November 2011 We are all Pilgrims in Search of Truth


04 December 2011 Be a Blazing Fire of Truth


11 December 2011 A Blessed Christmas and New Year




February 2010: Yoga Teacher Training Retreat [Read]

March 2010: Blessing Ceremony and Satsang with Swamiji [Read]

Published in Self Knowledge Magazine April 2010

11 April 2010: The Search for Happiness


18 April 2010: Nothing is Good or Bad in Itself


02 May 2010: This Whole Universe is a Garden of the Heavens


09 May 2010: Two Types of Gain in Life


16 May 2010: Who am I? The Most Important Question You Can Ask


30 May 2010: Living the Dharma


06 June 2010: The Flowering of Human Consciousness


13 June 2010: Thoughts are Suggestions and Not Commands


Published in Yoga Awakening Africa July 2010


27 June 2010: At Home in the Present Moment


Published in Yoga Awakening Africa October 2010


04 July 2010: You are the Light of the World


11 July 2010: Tribute to His Holiness the Dalai Lama


18 July 2010: Donít Seek the Truth. Just Cease to Cherish Opinions


01 August 2010: The Bhagavad Gita or Song of God is a Spiritual Classic


08 August 2010: The Yoga of Action


15 August 2010: This is My Commandment


29 August 2010: The Perennial Philosophy is the Ancient Wisdom


05 September 2010: And I Saw a New Heaven and a New Earth


12 September 2010: Peace is Every Step


19 September 2010: Acceptance


03 October 2010: Enjoyment, the Joy of Being


10 October 2010: Enthusiasm


17 October 2010: I Give You the End of a Golden String


31 October 2010: Plett for Peace Candle Concert


07 November 2010: From Darkness Lead Me to the Light


14 November 2010: I Saw a New Heaven and a New Earth


21 November 2010: Interfaith the Way Forward


28 November 2010: Last Newsletter this Year



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February 2008: Monlam Prayers for World Peace, Bodhgaya, India [Read]

March 2008: Here in Bodhgaya this Holy Place [Read]

April 2008: Vipassana Meditation Retreat at Pacha Mama, Costa Rica [Read]

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April 2007: Stepping Out of Time: Retreat and Pilgrimage to India [Read]

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June 2007: Peace is Every Step [Read]

November 2007: Visit by Tenzin Palmo [Read]



January 2006: Understanding Emptiness Retreat with Rob Nairn [Read]

February 2006: In Memory of my Sister, Patricia Anne Hodgskin [Read]

Published in Mandala Magazine June/July 2006

February 2006: South Africa visit by Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche [Read]

March 2006: SCA Retreat with Geshe Phende 'Emptiness Explained' [Read]

April 2006: SCA Retreat with Leela 'Discovering Buddhism' [Read]

May 2006: SCA Retreat with Heila & Rodney Downey 'Mindful Awareness' [Read]

July 2006: Living in the Pure Land with Thich Nhat Hanh [Read]

August 2006: SCA Retreat with Leela 'The Miracle of Mindfulness' [Read]

September 2006: SCA Retreat with Geshe Phende 'Heart of Enlightenment' [Read]

October 2006: SCA Retreat with Shenpen 'Four Foundations of Mindfulness' [Read]

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January 2005: Chan and Pure Land Retreat at Nan Hua Buddhist Temple [Read]

March 2005: SCA Retreat with Geshe Phende 'Transforming Negative Emotions' [Read]

April 2005: Retreat on Buddha Nature at Cape Town Tibetan Buddhist Centre [Read]

May 2005: SCA Retreat with Leela 'The Path to Happiness' [Read]

June 2005: Mindful Awareness in Action Retreat at Robertson Dharma Centre [Read]

July 2005: SCA Retreat with Karma Shenpen 'Being Human is Divine' [Read]

August 2005: Tibet Festival of Compassion [Read]

August 2005: SCA Vipassana Meditation Retreat with Reverend Pannasekara [Read]

September 2005: SCA Retreat with Jennifer Woodhull 'Painful Emotions' [Read]

November 2005: SCA Retreat with Geshe Phende 'Understanding Karma' [Read]

December 2005: Pure Land Floral Kingdom [Read]

December 2005: Endings and New Beginings [Read]