Secular courses and retreats, meditation instruction,

training in mindfulness and self-awareness


Learn the art of relaxed and mindful living, working and being, deeply and peacefully connecting with yourself and life. Learn how to calmly abide in the present moment, mindfully and at peace with what is. Learn how to be present with yourself in a peaceful, positive and powerful way.




One-week silent retreats based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness





Cultivating calm and clear present moment awareness

Meditation instructions for sitting and walking meditation


Afternoon excursion in nature (weather kindly permitting):

Walking meditation along beautiful remote coastline

silently connecting with nature and coming home to yourself







DAY 2:


Teachings, instructions and guided meditation on the body

Getting in touch with the body and its wisdom

Body scan and deep relaxation techniques

Gentle yoga mindful movements






DAY 3:


Teachings, instructions and guided meditation on feelings

Meditation techniques to calm and transform feelings

Emotional intelligence and letting go of disturbing emotions


Free afternoon to enjoy: sightseeing, swimming in the sea, dolphin / whale watching, forest and beach walks, reading and relaxing, private interviews, therapeutic massage or other bodywork treatments in our Healing Centre



DAY 4:


Teachings, instructions and guided meditation on the mind

Meditation techniques to still the mind and find peace within

Letting go of negative thinking and mind states

Cultivating positive mind states










DAY 5:


Living in a relaxed and mindful way

The 5 mindfulness trainings

Working in a relaxed and mindful way

Stress management


Afternoon excursion in nature (weather kindly permitting):

Meditation next to stream in indigenous state forest,

connecting with the flow of life, releasing and beginning anew


When you are connected and enjoy a sense of oneness with your body, feelings, mind, and life, then you open to and fully experience the miracle of being alive. Each moment is new and fresh and you enjoy greater energy and appreciation for life. The Mindfulness Course includes practical exercises to increase awareness in everyday life, and to help you arrive at greater self-understanding and peacefulness. There will be daily teachings, instruction and practice of mindfulness, each day focusing on and cultivating one of the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness. Email for more information and bookings.



Course facilitator: Leela Verity (BA LLB Wits)

Founder and Director of Sat Chit Anand since 2000


Leela has done retreats and received transmission of teachings from some of the world's greatest Meditation Masters, including His Holiness the DALAI LAMA, Lama ZOPA RINPOCHE, MINGYUR RINPOCHE, and Zen Master THICH NHAT HANH. She has over 10 years of mindfulness meditation practice and experience.


Cost: Includes 6 nights accommodation in luxury self-catering garden cottages,

and delicious healthy vegetarian lunches (rest is self catering).


Prices range from R3 000 for shared - R4 000 for single accommodation.

Airport transfers from/to GEORGE Airport lunch-time flights only, R150 per person per trip


Number of places limited, so early booking recommended. Contact SAT CHIT ANAND:

Tel: 044 533 0453 Email: Web: