The Path to Happiness

and Freedom from Suffering


Thank you to all participants, 

who made this retreat such a special experience.

There were Dharma talks, guided meditations,

songs for the practice of mindfulness,

exercises nurturing our positive potential,

discussions and sharings.


"Countless beings are eager to know

what are the greatest blessings which

bring about a peaceful and happy life.

Please Tathagata will you teach us?

This is the Buddha's answer ..."

[Discourse on Happiness]


Discourse on Happiness

composed by retreatants



Inner peace and balance

Peace and harmony within oneself



Freedom from afflictions

Freedom from attachment and aversion

Freedom from fear and anxiety


Contentment and acceptance of ‘what is’

To accept yourself as you are

To stand in your own truth


To love and to be loved

Laughter and loving friends

Good relationships

Being appreciated


Caring for and helping others

To see people free from suffering

To give and to share


Beauty in nature

Good health and healthy lifestyle

Living a balanced life


Living a meaningful life

Having new experiences

Clarity of life’s purpose and following it

Growth in job and creative expression



Emotional stability

Personal growth

Being aware of your potential

Being aware of beauty in the world


Simplicity and childlike innocence


Knowledge and understanding 

Wisdom realizing emptiness


We learnt the Path to Happiness, and we learnt to be happy in the here and now, as we walk that Path ...


"If you want to know where God, the Buddhas, and all the holy beings live, I can tell you. Here is their address: in the here and now. It has everything you need, including the zip code. If you can breathe in and out and live in the spirit of ‘I have arrived, I am home, in the here and in the now’, then you will notice that you are becoming more solid and more free immediately. You have established yourself in the present moment, at your true address. Nothing can push you to run anymore, or make you so afraid. You are free from worrying about the past and you are free from your worries about the future. Only a free person can be a happy person. The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom that you have in your heart." [Thich Nhat Hanh]