I turn away from the world about me,

to the world of consciousness that lies within.

I shut out all memories of the past,

create no images of the future.

I concentrate on my being, on my awareness.

I slide into the very recesses of my soul

to a place of utter repose.

Here I perceive fact in the making,

am conscious of the One Being from which all beings spring.

I know that this is my immortal Self, this is God, this is me.

I am, I always was, I always will be.

All men, all things, all space and time and life,

are here in the depths of my soul.

Smaller than small, greater than great meet and unite in me.

That which I thought I was, ego, I never was at all,

for it was a changing thing,

mirroring the seasons and the tides,

a thing to be born and grow and die.

I am not a thing of time and circumstance.

I am spirit, pure and eternal,

birthless, deathless and changeless.

I am patient, for I am all time.

I am wise, for I contain knowledge of all things.

I know not pain, for I see there is no beginning and end,

and who suffers pain must see beginning and end.

I love and am loved, for all things are myself, and I am all things.

I am one with the Universal Mind.

I am Love and God is Love. I am one with God.

[Unknown author]


A sanctuary is a sacred space, a place of refuge. It is a safe haven and a place for spiritual transition. It is love in physical form. THE SANCTUARY is a place for those who stay at our Retreat Centre to discover that sacred space, that place of peace that exists within themselves their own inner sanctuary that is untouched by time or circumstance; that is the essence of your being, who you are.


Find that inner SANCTUARY inside yourself. Find that space that exists beyond all names and forms the nameless formless being. Nothing is lacking and nothing is wanting. You have it all. You are the greatest mystery  nameless and formless eternal being, pure consciousness, everlasting bliss SAT CHIT ANANDA.


SAT CHIT ANAND has grown into an interfaith spiritual sanctuary for those seeking to find themselves. Our Interfaith Meditation Chapel represents something that transcends all boundaries of this religion or that religion, the wider concept of universal spirituality or universal Truth. The interfaith approach celebrates the beauty of all religions - they are like different facets of a multifaceted diamond that all reflect the light. Take any one away and the whole would be less complete, less perfect.


"We are realizing today that no religion can stand alone. We all share a common humanity and need to share the insights of all the different religious traditions of the world." [Father Bede Griffiths, Christian priest and co-founder of SatChitAnanda Ashram in India] 




December 2009: Interfaith Meditation Chapel [Read]


March 2010: Blessing Ceremony and Satsang with Swamiji [Read]



Swamiji, Father Johan, LeelaSwamiji, Father Johan, Leela

The Sanctuary

"O Nobly Born, O you of glorious origins, remember your radiant true nature,

the essence of being. Trust it. Return to it. It is home. - Buddha