A rejuvenating one-week residential retreat in Plettenberg Bay

Enjoy unspoilt beaches, indigenous forests, mountains and more


Monday 06 to Friday 10 April, arrive Sunday and depart Saturday

Monday 13 to Friday 17 July, arrive Sunday and depart Saturday


“Healing transforms both body and mind on a deep level” – Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn


How long have you been on the treadmill? When last did you take time out for yourself? Are you suffering from exhaustion, stress, burnout? Have you lost the balance in your life? Have you lost touch with yourself? Maybe you know that you need to do something, but don't even know where to start. Take a week out of your busy schedule to restore yourself and HEAL INTO WHOLENESS.


“You, the richest person in the world, have been laboring and struggling endlessly, not understanding that you already possess all that you seek.” – Lotus Sutra



You will learn:


How to stop creating suffering in your life

How to take better care of your physical, emotional

and mental well-being

How to de-stress, feel peaceful, relaxed and at ease

How to create health, harmony and balance in your life


Each day there will be:


Teachings to inspire and transform you

Practical exercise sessions to help you

Meditations with instruction and guidance

Exercise in the form of yoga and walking in nature

(forest and beach walks along remote coastline)

Individual counseling sessions by arrangement

Optional extras are therapeutic massage and 

bodywork treatments by trained therapists

Space to just be yourself beautifully


During this retreat, we shall look at the principles for mindful transformation and healing using the acronym RAIN: recognition, acceptance, investigation, and non-identification.



Recognition is the first principle of transformation. The personality is not a permanent essence. Like the body, it is a temporary condition. Unhealthy patterns of our personality can be recognized and transformed into healthy expressions of our natural temperament.


Acceptance is the ground of awakening – it allows us to relax and open to the facts before us. We must start with the reality of our own suffering. Acceptance doesn’t mean that we cannot work to improve things. Acceptance is not passivity – it is a courageous step in the process of transformation.  


Investigation follows from recognition and acceptance. We look deeply into our situation to see where we are stuck, and how to free ourselves. Investigation focuses on the four critical areas of experience called the Four Foundations of Mindfulness - body, feelings, mind, and life.


Non-identification means that we stop taking the experience as being “me.” We ask: “Is this who I really am?” When we see the tentativeness of this identity, then we are free to let go and rest in awareness itself - our true nature which is beyond the limitations of any personality. This is the culmination of releasing difficulties through RAIN.



Facilitator: Leela Verity (BA LLB Wits)

Founder and Director of Sat Chit Anand since 2000


Leela has degrees in Law and Psychology. After leaving her career as attorney, she studied Buddhist philosophy and psychology and meditation overseas in India, Nepal and France. She is an experienced trainer in the personal growth and spiritual field, having facilitated teachings, courses and retreats for the last 5 years.


Cost: Includes 6 nights accommodation in luxury self-catering garden cottages,

and delicious healthy vegetarian lunches (rest is self catering).


Prices range from R3 000 for shared - R4 000 for single accommodation.

There will be free airport collection from the GEORGE airport lunch-time flights. 


Note: Healing Holidays can be scheduled by arrangement for small groups.


Number of places limited, so early booking recommended. Contact SAT CHIT ANAND:

Tel: 044 533 0453 Email: Web:


Please forward this email to friends who might be interested.