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Friday 25 - Sunday 27 October 2013


Experiencing your Life Creatively and understanding your unique journey will gift you with serene acceptance of what has been, and the ability to live in present awareness with the light-hearted joy of Being. This process is the gift we give ourselves - to make sense of this Amazing Life! Revive body, mind and soul as you work in alignment with your inner compass. This work is transformational and inspiring. We bring this workshop to you with great Love and Humility for the benefit that it allows. 


This Life Journey is filled with experiences, some that we cherish and some that leave us in pain and doubt. Often, our Life Experiences can leave us feeling overwhelmed, hollow or depressed. No life is without aspects that challenge us, sometimes beyond what we believe we can endure. Yet, there are those that seem to survive and those that even seem to thrive amidst the many pressures and life stressors. 


Why is it that some people seem to manage their life, despite adversity and challenges? Our uniqueness, ingenuity and creativeness allows us to interpret the meaning of our Life Journey. When we learn how to tap into our Inner Resources we find the Resiliency of our Soul.


If you are ready to untangle your life and make sense of the journey, de-stress and re-align with your life purpose, then you are invited to this very special workshop. Here you will find many answers and you will learn skills that will give you the confidence to manage your life in a more pleasing way. This weekend will empower you to begin making changes that will enable you to live a more relaxed, happy, authentic and fulfilled life, regardless of your life situation. 


This is a workshop that will change your life! For those who desire to make an authentic, empowering change in their lives, the investment for this weekend retreat amounts to R2200. This rate includes accommodation at the beautiful Sat Chit Anand Retreat Centre in beautiful Plettenberg Bay.





Joy Truscott is skilled in guiding participants towards higher self-awareness and release from the trauma and stress of everyday living.  Joy has a teaching background and lived in Colorado, USA for a few years where she gained her Master’s Degree in Social Work, Clinical Counselling, and studied Integrated Health Care and Healing Therapy at Mercy Medical, Durango, Colorado.  Joy worked with Hospice and continues to study and work in the field of Energy Therapy, Energy Alignment and Trauma Release. Joy has presented this course to both American and South African participants, all of whom have delighted in the process of transformation.



Leela Verity has degrees in Psychology and Law from Wits University [BA LLB HDip International Tax Law] and practiced as an attorney in Johannesburg. In her mid 30’s she resigned from her professional career to follow a spiritual calling, and spent several years travelling in India, studying Eastern religion and philosophy, and doing retreat. Her teachers include THICH NHAT HANH, well-known Zen Master and His Holiness the DALAI LAMA. Leela has over 10 years of meditation experience, in the Zen, Vipassana and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, and is a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher. In 2000, she founded SAT CHIT ANAND Spiritual Retreat Centre in Plettenberg Bay, and has been Director and Manager of SCA since then. Leela hosts teachings, meditations, yoga, workshops and retreats. With extensive knowledge and understanding of both Buddhism and Christianity, it is her joy to help and guide others on the Spiritual Path. She brings the fruits of her many years of studying and practicing Buddhist philosophy and meditation to enhance the practice and mystical understanding of Christianity. It is her passion to help people grow spiritually, and to enjoy a fuller and richer spiritual life that is grounded in meditation, prayer, love, worship and personal experience of God, with whom we are united in Love.



Lynda Allen gained her Master’s Degree, cum laude, from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa in Clinical Psychology.  Lynda worked in Private Practice in Port Elizabeth and now works in in Franschhoek.    Prior to this she has worked in various corporations as the Public Relations Officer, as well as the Office Manager and Events Coordinator for a high profile game lodge.  She brings her considerable experience in human relationships into her work both in the private and corporate sector.  Lynda has co-facilitated many workshops for prominent businesses and works with individuals and groups to uplift Humanity.  She has dedicated a significant amount of time to community work and has guided and counselled clients through stressful and critical life situations.  She brings her years of experience to each setting and has the gift of clarity in assisting all those whose lives she touches.  We are privileged to have Lynda, MA Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, on hand for therapeutic assistance. It is likely that some life changing shifts may occur and we are pleased to be able to offer you support should this be needed. 


  • Why not begin your gentle journey back to you

  • Gain insight into your incredible Being

  • Begin to understand the rhythms and patterns that often block progress and limit our sense of inner peace

  • Learn to trust your inner guide – your Intuition

  • Find the Bliss that empowers us to be the best we can be in all life situations

  • This is a workshop that you will not want to miss

  • The number of participants will be limited

Each participant to bring a photograph of themselves at about two to five years of age, (this is a vital part of the program so please ensure you remember this as it begins our journey work). Also a few pens, pencils, hardcover book, clipboard for writing exercises and any other comforts that will make you feel relaxed, at home and nurtured.








6:00 – 8:00 pm

Arrival, welcome, light supper together and outline of program

Welcome and orientation (Leela)


(see to your own breakfast)


9:00 – 10:30 am

First session

Inner child (Joy)


10:30 – 11:00

Tea and scones


11:00 – 12:30

Second session

Picking up the Pieces (Leela)


12:30 – 2:00

Light Lunch provided



2:00 – 3:30

Third session

Descansos (Joy)


3:30 – 4:00

Tea and biscuits


4:00 – 5:00



5:00 – 5:30

Fourth session

Healing Emotional Obstacles (Leela)


Breathing to Bring Balance Guided Connection

5:30 – 7:00

Walk on Beach and supper (see to your own supper)


7:00 – bedtime


Private Rest and Reflection


(see to your own breakfast)


9:00 – 10:30

Fifth session

L R connections and perspectives (Joy)


10:30 – 11:00

Tea and scones


11:00 – 12:30

Sixth session

Alignment of Mind Body & Soul (Leela)



Farewell lunch

Sharing and Send Off with De-Light





Session One with Joy: The Journey of the Inner Child

Connecting with the insight and authenticity of the inner child

A glimpse into our inner soul-self

Sensing the rhythm and patterns  of our life


Session Two with Leela: Picking up the Pieces

Restoring “broken-ness” to whole-ness

Bringing awareness to emotional and physical burdens that hold us back

Connecting with the Power of Spirit when we feel overwhelmed and powerless

Insight into our mind and how we can align our thoughts and intentions with Spirit


Session Three with Joy: Descansos

Setting sail for your destination – steering to alignment of soul’s purpose

Mapping the life path to find perspective and meaning

Recognising the patterns and awakening our resiliency and inner strength.

The ability to see our lives in a more creative way, even in the “menial”.

Honouring the journey of pain and disappointment

Learning to give ourselves the gift of release

Guidance on how to use energy to release blockages so the system can flow


Session Four with Leela: Healing Emotional Obstacles

How to honor our emotions with discriminating wisdom

Overcoming hurt, rejection, loss, disappointment, failure, and redeeming our lives

Dealing with negative thoughts and emotions, doubts and fears that do not serve us

Letting go and forgiveness, and moving into the future with hope

Seven steps to emotional health and healing


Session Five with Joy: L R Connections and Perspectives

How to utilize our brain to bring us to balance

How to remain emotionally in control, and to view from enlightened perspective

Methods to use left / right brain functioning to stabilize emotions

How to work with the mind to set positive thought processes in motion


Session Six with Leela: Alignment of Mind Body and Soul 

How to harness thought processes and make positive changes that bring harmony

Seeing from a worldly egoistic perspective vs seeing with Spiritual vision

Connecting our walk through this life to our authentic guiding Light

How to resolve conflicts between head and heart, and align with Spirit

Living in the Love and Freedom of Spirit, the goal of Spiritual life

Stepping into your true identity as beloved Child of God and sharing this with others



“A course that will change your life!”

NB: if you cannot make this workshop / retreat, ensure that we have your email details so you will receive notification of the next one!




Including ACCOMMODATION: R2 200

Two Days of Deep Inner Healing which includes:

  • Welcome Dinner

  • Teas and Treats over the weekend

  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday

  • Workshop Notes

  • Guided Connection CD

  • Surprise Gift

  • Plus 6 Amazing Workshop Sessions

  • Plus Introductory Session and Send Off

  • Free counselling session if required



please contact JOY TRUSCOTT

at or 079 180 7639





please contact LEELA VERITY

at or 044 533 0453



Tel: 044 533 0453 Email: Web: